Our team of orchid specialist here at Sanyi works hard every day to care for the orchid plants in our nurseries, ensuring that each and every plant is strong and healthy. We believe that orchids should be easy to care for, and Sanyi’s Phalaenopsis Orchids are cultivated to live the way you live. With minimal care, they will flourish and bloom again and again, whether in your home or at the office :)


Phalaenopsis Orchids require a bright environment to flourish. The key to a healthy orchid is to maintain avoidance of direct sunlight. Just like our skin, orchid leaves can get sunburnt by overexposure to direct sunlight. Place your Phalaenopsis in a slightly shaded windowsill for ideal results. 


Phalaenopsis orchids thrive in the same indoor temperatures that we do, and this why they are so easy to grow. For a healthy, happy plant, provide a daytime temperature between 20°C and 30°C, and a night-time temperature above 20°C.


Water is the most important factor for successful orchid care. Before watering, first check which type of medium your Phalaenopsis orchid is growing in. If your orchid is grown in bark, we recommend watering once every 5 days. If your Phalaenopsis is grown in sphagnum moss, which is more absorbtive, we recommend watering around once every 10 days in the morning. Do your best to avoid contact of leaves and water, as this can lead to fungus and rotten roots. Do not place the orchids in stuffy area.


We recommend a balanced fertilizer. A formula of 1 level teaspoon per 1 litre of water, which works well for orchids. Spray onto foliage or wet base of plants, once a week.


Come by to Sanyi Orchid Garden to see our beautiful phalaenopsis :)


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